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After a very thorough vetting process under the new rules of the Memorial Scrolls Trust, I am now an authorized scribe and am permitted to work on Czechoslovakian Memorial Scrolls. My name will shortly be added to the MST Web site. See MST Friends at There are new guidelines for congregations that wish to have work done on the Memorial Scrolls they are holding in trust. For information, call me at 914-552-7211, write to me at or contact the Trust through their Web site:

Mending History
Artist and Sofer Neil Yerman talks about restoring a Holocaust Torah scroll
and the connection he feels to those who did not survive.

Film program at the School of Communication, American University, Washington, DC

Meet the Sofer —

Neil Yerman is a sofer — a person who writes and restores Torah scrolls.  In English, the Hebrew word sofer is translated as “scribe.”  To become a sofer, a Jewish person must master the art of Hebrew calligraphy, document restoration, and the many rules and traditions governing the writing and restoring of a Torah.  In addition, a sofer must lead a religious life.

Meet the Artist —

Sofer Yerman is also an artist who specializes in creating one-of-a-kind illustrated documents for life cycle events, creating ketubot for weddings, scrolls for bar and bat mitzvah, and illustrated family trees.

Sofer Neil Yerman in the News

Neil Yerman on Radio

Members of the Congregation
Help Restore Torah

Left: Sofer Neil H. Yerman and Jacob add a letter to a Torah that was being restored after it was damaged in the Holocaust.

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Sofer Neil H. Yerman
In Residence at Sinai Free Synagogue
550 North Columbus Avenue
Mt. Vernon, NY 10552

Cell and text: 914-552-7211

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